Sunday, July 14, 2024

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RULE * Profane or vulgar language as well as racist comments will not be tolerated.

RULE * Use of cheats such as but not limited to: aim-bots, wall hacks, etc are forbidden.

RULE * Use of map glitches which allow players to fire with impunity are forbidden.

RULE * Harassment of players because of a particular gaming style will not be tolerated.

RULE * Do Not Disturbing the teammate in his playing position - Do Not Revealing that position.

RULE * Always Uses The Same Nick Name, In Some Cases We Could Dispute This.

ADVICE * If the server is empty, staying inside someone will come.

ADVICE * When he came, do not kill him too much; you'll get him out.

ADVICE * When the server is full, REAL WAR IS GETTING STARTED.

ADVICE * If you are losing, DO NOT QUIT; calm down and play better.

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